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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"

Begin With a Single Step

5 days Albania, Montenegro & Kosovo

Five days may not be enough but it is a good start to get familiar with three Balkan countries in one go. Your adventure begins in Albania. The Bunkart Museum in the capital city Tirana brings you the still fresh scars of one of the world’s harshest regimes. Further up in the north, the ancient castles of Kruja and Shkodra tell a different story. Not too far, the castles of Kotor and Budva by the Adriatic Sea shore echo off the tides of times that have swept over the region. The rest of the trip will bring you over to Prizren - Kosovo’s most diverse city in every aspect: cultural, ethnic and religious, home to the now internationally acclaimed DOKUFEST film festival. Your adventure ends in the country’s capital Prishtina with other sites in store. You can truly get to know the soul of any region when you taste its food and drinks. We promise you will enjoy the traditional recipes we recommend.

A Rolling Stone Has No Moss

5 Days Tour Kosovo & Albania

  • Do you know that feeling of energy coming up alive in your feet, ready to take you away to lands unknown and cities yet to be discovered? It is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and we have what is needed: an exclusive 5-day tour in the discovery of Albania and Kosovo. Your adventure begins in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo. The NEWBORN monument offers a moment of contemplation on what the country went through less than two decades ago. Prishtina old town and the Ethnological Museum tell a tale of ancient roots and traditions. Fast forward to get a taste of Prishtina’s vibrant nightlife. In Albania, you will experience a dimension of time travel as you move through ancient castles in Kruja and Berat to the country’s dynamic and modern capital. It’s all yours for the taking.

Out of this World

10 Days Tour Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro

  • Few other things can be as pleasurable as wandering through four different countries in a little over than a week. Bend the laws of space and time by immersing yourself in the rich heritage of our diverse region, where the modern thrives along history that comes alive at every turn. Your adventure begins in Macedonia, with the light of Mother Theresa. From there, the journey takes you through Kosovo’s urban and historical charm. You will see the Newborn monument of the newborn state, Ulpiana old city and other religious sites. Then you will travel along Montenegro’s coastline studded with old castles and towns, including the famous Sveti Stefan island. You will complete the circle in Albania with its breathtaking scapes, ancient castles and buzzing city life. The Skënderbeu Castle and the ancient Berat Castle where people still live in small stone houses will blow your mind away. Your taste buds will feast on the savory dishes and powerful spirits, all locally made.

Life is a Journey

5 Days Tour Kosovo, Albania & N.Macedonia

  • First the city escapes, then some nature, history, food, and people. In the Balkans, you can fully enjoy all these with the carefully planned 5-day tour that gets you a good sense of place in all three countries. Your adventure begins in Macedonia, enjoying a nice walk along the little alleyways of Skopje’s old town, with wafts of traditional Balkan coffee and delectable pastry floating in the air. The journey then takes you through Kosovo’s older and younger history, visiting modern-day museums and UNESCO-protected monastery. In Albania, get ready for the energized city life in Tirana revolving around Bunkart that showcases one of the darkest periods in the nation’s history, which stands in stark contrast with the glorious ancient castles in Berat and Kruja. Your taste buds will feast on the savory dishes and powerful spirits, all locally made.

A Fascinating Past

Discover UNESCO Treasures - 10 Days Tour

  • Prepare to be enchanted. Breathe in the history as old as time itself. Gaze upon magnificent castles that have seen so many waves of history come and go, and yet stand strong. Walk along the cobbled stone alleys of old times where life still goes on, forever. Pause just a little to take in the diversity of spiritual practices and holy places that bring solace to the locals. You will come across sights hard to forget, people with stories to tell, and of course, great food and hospitality. Embark upon a 10-day adventure into the living history of the Balkans. The trip will take you through many countries, landscapes, climate conditions and local traditions, all sharing the Balkan soul. Become a protector of the world’s heritage.

Mother Teresa-Trail of Light

7 Days Tour N.Macedonia, Kosovo & Albania

  • Take this 7-day tour to trace the making of a saint. In this journey you will be witness to the early days in the life of Mother Teresa and her family. The journey begins in Skopje, Macedonia, where Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, destined to spread the message of love across the world, was born. You will visit the Museum dedicated to Mother Teresa’s life. A towel, her bed, a prayer book. Feel the love. From there, you will travel to Letnica village, Kosovo. At the small church of this village young Gonxhe Bojaxhiu received the calling. In Kosovo’s capital Prishtina you will visit the newly-built magnificent Mother Teresa Cathedral, a legacy to her contribution for making our world a better place. The tour ends in Albania, where you will visit Shkodra and Tirana, both cities closely linked with Mother Teresa’s roots and her family. A message of love bringing hope to all who need it. One saint who touched the hearts of people across the world. A 7-day tour that will warm your heart.

Connect With Balkan Religions

5 Days Tour Albania, Kosovo & N.Macedonia

Different paths, one destination. Spirituality richness at its best. Religion and history intertwined. Fascinating artwork that can mesmerize your gaze for hours. Welcome to the Balkans, where religions are an inextricable part of the collective spiritual and historical heritage. Roman churches, mosques, eastern orthodox churches, and shrines of all ages have existed side by side for ages, often in the same city, or even the same street. Religious holidays are a reason to celebrate together. Begin this spiritual journey at the Mother Teresa House in Skopje, Macedonia. In Gjakova, Kosovo you will be fascinated by the ancient mosques and shrines, while in Prizren you get to see churches and mosques looming over the main square that buzzes with life. In Albania, you will visit the world holy-see of the Bektashi Order. Indulge your mind and soul in the beautiful and unique religious buildings and artifacts. This five-day tour in three different countries will bring you to the unexplored side of the Balkan soul. Wherever you are and whatever you do, be in love.

Bonne Appetite!

Slow Food in Albania- 3 Days

The next best thing since sliced bread is the slow food extravaganza in northern Albania! Prepare to indulge your taste-buds in an explosion of flavors. Relish in the stream of the carefully made dishes that keep coming your way. Savor the old traditional recipes with a modern foreign twist. Everything is made with ingredients produced locally. Whether it is fish you crave, veggies, meat, fruit or all of the above, this is the gourmet destination for you. Start your journey with a selection of delightful rustic dishes in the heart of Albania’s capital, Tirana. Then proceed further north to the meadows of the dancing fairies. No wonder they dance, given the great food they eat! After a tour of Shkodra city, you will experience the wildest imagination materialized on the stone plates at Rhapsodia restaurant. Your palate will thank you forever. Second round, anyone?

A Toast To Life With Wine & Beer

3 Days Tour Kosovo

Others may have invented alcohol but the Balkans gave a whole new meaning to beer, wine and rakia, which are always best enjoyed in good company. You will start this adventure of drink tasting in Kosovo’s capital, Prishtina. A cocktail or cold beer of your choice in Prishtina’s cool and hip bars is always a good idea after a tour around the city’s attractions. Some twenty kilometers from the city center, in the village of Gračanica, you will have the experience of a life-time: a glass of homemade rakia to warm you up. If you did not hear about Peja beer before, now you will have the opportunity to see how it’s made. Once you visit the city of Peja you will understand why its taste is so exquisite. This three-day tour is completed with wine tasting in the wine region of Kosovo, Rahovec. We guarantee you plenty of laughter and great moments.

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