Eastern Kosovo

The largest area in this region is known as the Anamorava Valley. History lore speaks of stories of the gold, iron and other ores the miners of all time looked for. The Castle of Novobërda looms over the area where stories about the life of saintly Mother Teresa are told in Letnica and Stublla villages. For spa lovers, Kllokot is where the local go. The main cities and towns in the region are: Gjilan, Kamenica, Novoberdo and Viti.

Things to See

Gadime Marble Cave

Discovered in 1969, this impressive marble cave is full of extraordinary crystallized stalagmites and stalactites that have formed over millions of years. 

Black Madonna Church

Located in Letnica village. It was here that Mother Teresa received her calling to devote her life to helping those in the world who are truly in need. 

Novoberdo Castle

Known as Novus Mons, Novamonte or Nyeuberghe, it used to be a metropolis inside a medieval fortress erected on the top of an extinct volcano.

Things to Do

Horseback Riding

Equestrianism more often known as horse riding is well known activity in this region and is suitable for everyone. The ranch is located close to Gjilan city.


Wellness centers of this region are mostly visited by the locals and the price starts from 25.00 EUR per person per night in all inclusive concept.


Kayaking can be done upon request in Badovc Lake, surrounded by lush forests, about 16 kilometers from Kosovo’s capital.

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