Southern Kosovo

There is a strange pull towards regions that thrive on multiculturalism. Throw in this mix pristine nature and wine routes, and you will be spending some of the best holidays ever. You can start the journey at the Castle of Prizren. In winter time, you can ski either in Brod or Brezovica. We do recommend you try both, and then visit Rahovec for wine tasting and special chicken-in-garlick-yoghurt dip. The main towns of this region are: Prizren, Ferizaj, Rahovec, Dragash and Shtërpce.

Things to See

Prizren Castle

The Prizren Castle contains in itself an important part of the ancient history of the city.
Its topographic position, its domination over the city, a rather attractive natural landscape, and the well-thought architectural configuration render the site rather valuable in terms of archaeology, history and tourism.


Prevalla Park, in the heart of Sharr Mountains, located in the eastern part of the city of Prizren, extends from north to south, at 1,515 meters above sea level.
The mountainous terrain, amazing landscape and fresh air make it a fantastic area for hiking and biking, or simply a day out in good company.


The velvety grassy meadows are a hiker’s wonderland, the right spot for nature lovers and horse-back riding enthusiasts. This region is also rich in wild medicinal aromatic plants that you can easily pick to make your own tea infusions, sweetened with honey from the region, accompanied by the famous Sharri cheese.

Things to Do

Prizren Old City Tour

Within less than 5 square kilometers, the beating heart of Prizren Old City takes you back in time. Step over the ruins of Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Empire times, while enjoying the modern-day breath-taking view of the city from atop the City Castle.


The Ski Resort of Brezovica, one of Kosovo’s top attractions is part of the National Park in the mountain range extending from Kosovo to the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia and Albania. The Brod Ski Center is another alternative for winter activities lovers.

Wine Tasting

The wines produced express the character of their unique vineyards. Visit Kosovo's vine yard region and evaluate vines from local producers or be part of a traditional Hardhfest festival in Rahovec during every September and taste local wines accompanied with rock music.

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