Northern Kosovo

A region rich in diverse attractions. Here you can find the famous Trepça Mine. Ibër River, one of the most beautiful in Kosovo passes here, making the region’s offer rich in water-based activities, such as water-biking, kayaking, swimming and fishing. Zubin Potok area offers plenty of other outdoor activities: hiking, biking, climbing, Via-Ferrata and fishing. The main cities and towns in the region are: Mitrovica, Skenderaj, Zubin Potok and Podujeva.

Things to See

Prekaz War Memorial

A memorial dedicated to martyrs of the Kosovo War 1999.
The memorial is open for everyone, year around.

Gazivoda Lake

With a surface area of 11.9 km2 (4.6 sq mi) Gazivoda Lake is the biggest in Kosovo.
It is formed by the Ibër River, which flows into it.

Mitrovica Bridge

Iconic bridge of Mitrovica has become a symbol of division as it separates city in two parts despite the fact that bridges are made to connect parts!

Things to Do

Water Bikes

Starting from 5.00 EUR per hour you can enjoy the views and green nature of Mitrovica while pedaling in Ibri River or Gazivoda Lake.

Taste Local Food

Taste the local difference! Except the traditional food, the region is also known for its trout fish offering it in many varieties and tastes.


Dare to Imagine - Via Ferrata Berim located in Zubin Potok. Tremendous views and landscapes can be captured only by climbing this iron road. 

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