Main Annual Events

Here you will find information about events that you can only find in Kosovo

Kosovo Independence Day- FEBRUARY

On 17 February 2008 Kosovo proclaimed its independence becoming Europe’s newest country so far. Every year, Kosovo celebrates the day with festivities, transforming Prishtina and the country into one big celebration, dressed in Kosovo’s flag colors: deep blue and sunny yellow.


The International Festival of Young Musicians – DAM Festival Pristina is one of the most prominent cultural events taking place in the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo, Pristina. Founded in 2006, DAM Festival is an annual music festival which gathers young and talented national and international musicians from all over the world.

Chopin Kosova- APRIL

ChopinPiano FEST Prishtina  offers opportunity to see  and enjoy live piano performances by local and  international distinguished pianists   performing  piano works not only of Chopin, but also of other well known composers, classical and contemporary ones. The festival  offers concerts, master classes with students and symposium/round tables dedicated to the life and work of  composers whose anniversaries are marked on the actual year worldwide.  

Prishtina Half Marathon-APRIL

As many as 1400 people from different countries take part in this event. Pristina's annual half marathon is the biggest sports event in Kosovo. It has been gaining more participants every year.

Bunar Fest- MAY

“Bunar Fest” is a traditional festival, race, which is held in Prizren. Everyone can show herself (himself) and participate in this festival and experience the thrill and adrenaline in her (his) blood.

Peja International Guitar Festival- JUNE

By all connoisseurs of cultural and artistic heritage, it is known that in the city of Peja musical art is cultivated, especially playing the guitar (popular, entertaining and classical), as heritage of family education in particular as the need of expression of deeper emotions to follow the “beauty” of music art and at the same time raising the quality of living. It is interesting that in the town with the musical tradition at the time when there was no school of music, the art research in the field of classical guitar, launched several artist at the top of the regional and world guitar scene.

Prifest- JULY

Prishtina International Film Festival is the most important film event that is held in Kosovo. The festival consists of four competition programs: the European film competition program, the Balkan film competition program (also known as Honey and Blood Cinema), the Middle-length competition program (comprised of 25-60 min length films) and as of this year, the Documentary film program will also be competitive. The latter promotes documentaries from around the world that revolve around subjects related to human rights and the environment. All of the above-mentioned programs are open to the whole world.

Beer Fest- July

Beerfest Kosova is the biggest  festival in Kosovo. Each year Beerfest represents the largest collection of beers ever tasted in public. Beerfest Kosova brings together all the people who enjoy good music, the best beers and amazing food. It started in 2011 and has been growing bigger and bigger every year. The Festival takes place in the city of Prishtina.

Dokufest- AUGUST

DokuFest, International Documentary and Short Film Festival, is the largest film festival in Kosovo. Each year the festival brings the cinemas and improvised screening venues around historic city center of Prizren a selection of more than 200 hand picked films from around the world.

The festival is known for its lively atmosphere, the amazing enthusiasm that grasps the city and its people and for the high number of 150 volunteers working for the festival. Documentary photo exhibitions, debates, master classes and lively music events are also part of the 9-day festival.

Sunny Hill Festival- AUGUST

A huge celebration of international and Kosovo music and culture. An event to bring together world-renown performers, youth from all over the world, and the attention of the world on Kosovo. The Sunny Hill Festival is a product of the Sunny Hill Foundation founded by Dua Lipa and and her family. The festival is organized to raise money for the local community and support Kosovo youth in creative arts, as well as the profile of Kosovo worldwide, while delivering one of the most fun and musically diverse line-ups in the region.

Anibar- AUGUST

Anibar has been a registered NGO is Kosovo since July of 2010. It is an organization of passionate activists that encourages young people to express their ideas and worldview through animation and to discuss important social subjects pertinent to the youth of Kosovo. Anibar’s mission is to commit itself to breaking civic apathy through cultural activism.

Anibar has established a reputation as a responsible, innovative and inclusive organization locally, nationally and internationally since 2010. We have completed 31 projects in our eight years of establishment in which Anibar has worked together with local and International partners. We are particularly proud of the successful completion of eight editions of the Anibar International Animation Festival, the only festival of its kind in Kosovo. It is one of the biggest cultural events in the country which continuous to increase in the number of visitors, activities, and films from one year to another.

Ethno Fest- AUGUST

The festival has a multimedia character, with three basic programs based on tradition, and which will be implemented as following:
• Plays and Theatrical performances,
• Exhibitions and figurative installations,
• Concerts, archaic rites and contemporary performances with a content based on tradition.


The "Hardh Fest" is one of the most important manifests in the Municipality of Rahovec and of the the most distinctive fest on Kosova,in which by this traditional manifests , it is aimed to promote the values of grape-growing regions of Kosova and their products,in order to maintain the name as the main touristic point on touristic harvest map of Kosova and its surroundings states.

Let's Dance- November

The fall season in Prishtina brings every year one of the nicest traditional events in the city scene – the Let’s Dance for Mothers and Children fundraising event. Thanks to the glowing positivity of sponsors, supporters, and letsdancers, the event raises funds to support health-care services benefiting newborn babies, children and mothers in Kosovo through the various programs of the Foundation Action for Mothers and Children. The format: the biggest dance party in town. Dress to dance. Buy the ticket, and enjoy the music from the best local bands and DJs, and of course, lots of great food and local beer, wine, rakia! It is the place to do good, make new friends and have fun all the time

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