What's Your Travel Style?

Kosovo is a suitable and safe destination for any style of travel you lust for at this moment


Adventurous Kosovo is something to be reckoned with!
All outdoor activity lovers should be prepared to be amazed by the breathtaking landscape, well-preserved nature, rich and savory local food, as well as the stories which make Kosovo a niche destination, attractive and worth being explored.


Several archaeological and religious sites dating back to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times are well preserved.
Four sites are under UNESCO protection and accessible for all, year round.
The stories about these sites will send you back in time and get you more into the Kosovo soul. 

Solo Traveler

Kosovo is definitively a solo traveler destination. Solo travelers from around the world are increasingly visiting the destinations in the country, making memories and creating new perceptions. People are friendly and welcoming, you will always find someone who speaks good English, the streets are safe, and there is food for all tastes.


Active holidays combined with activities like:skiing lessons, snowshoeing or hiking are highly recommended in Kosovo.


Kosovo is a food lovers destination! While in Kosovo be careful not to gain additional kg due to very delicious food.

Night Life

Wherever the young crowds go, fun shall follow. More than 50 percent of Kosovo's population are young.


Medical treatments such as: dental, esthetic, orthopedic, rehabilitation or physiotherapy & chiropractic can be combined with a tour to Kosovo! Packages include: appointment to clinics, transfers, accommodation and tours.

Photo Tours

Every picture tells a story!
Visit Kosovo by taking pictures on breathtaking spots. You can also hire a professional photographer that will be engaged as a guide and make your story unforgettable! 

Specialized Tours

Untold stories about Kosovo War 1999 or Wedding Ceremony of Kosovo Bride in Zhupa can be experienced only in Kosovo! No doubt they are special! These tours can be organized upon request in every period of the year.

High End

Everything handled with a style!
In high end packages we make sure that our offer meet your expectations and your experience in Kosovo remains unforgettable. 

Car Tours

Explore Kosovo by your own vehicle or rent a car. For those who do not prefer driving, renting a car with driver is possible, too. Our team is ready to assists you on finding of: accommodation, attractions, activities, fun and more.


Team building, business deals or presentation of your products choose special and niche destinations with unique activities, rooms and halls. Kosovo is one of them!

Meet the Locals

Visit Kosovo and be followed by locals! They know "hidden" bars and places better than anyone.

Stay Cation 

Sometimes the best vacation is Staycation! Avoid routine by exploring leisure activities around you.

Settle In

Become a Kosovar, even for just a little time! We make sure you get comfortable, create bonds and meet your peer.

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