Try a Different Comfort Zone

First define what “comfort zone” means to you, and then step into a totally new level of comfortable accommodation.
With Destination Kosovo you can access more than 500 facilities and choose from among over 10,000 beds!
Whatever your mood, we have the solution: hotel, hostel, guesthouse, chalet, apartment or traditional stone houses.


From 3 to 5-star properties, with spa and wellness centers mostly in urban areas. Prices per person vary from 20.00 EUR to 135.00 EUR, including breakfast. Shuttle transfer from the airport to the hotel and back available upon request.


Hostels of all types in Prishtina, Peja, Gjakova and Prizren are travel-lover-friendly! Depending on the season, prices per person vary from 9.99 EUR to 20.00 EUR, with some additional fees for extra services.


Craving that home away from home feeling? You can rent an apartment. Prices start at 35.00 EUR per night, and can accommodate bigger groups.
Most apartments have easy access to attractions and public transportation.


These traditional properties are usually located in more remote areas, with prices per person starting from 25.00 EUR per night for half-board. While there, you can savor traditional dishes for dinner, and even help cook them! If you are hiking, there will be sandwiches to grab for the way.


You can choose this type of accommodation if you are looking for a relaxing time in the mountains, either alone or with a group of 6-8 friends. Prices per night start at 49.99 EUR. Since this type of accommodation does not provide catering, bring your chef’s hat with you!

Traditional Stone Houses

Unique to Western Kosovo, the stone houses-Kulla are must try experience. Starting from 15.00 EUR per person per night these Kullas' offer breakfast and basic amenities flavored with the local way of life. Bonus point: Kulla owners are great storytellers, in verse or accompanied by çifteli tunes.